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You get cash back! You get cash back! You get cash back!

Just like the infamous Oprah episode where she gave away a brand new Pontiac G6 car to everyone in the audience, right now there is a cash splurge going on when it comes to home loans. Up to four lenders are offering $2k cash back to refinance to them and five lenders are offering $2k cash back for new purchases.

Without a doubt, there is a smorgasbord of offers available from banks at the moment for the willing buyer and refinancer. The maximum cash back offer available is $3500 for loan sizes above $700k with one particular lender.

For those who have a soft spot for Frequent Flyer points, two other lenders are offering hundreds of thousands of Qantas points or Velocity Frequent Flyer points if you place your loan with them. A current campaign offers 300k additional bonus Velocity Points for settled loans, on top of the standard points already on offer.

And for those who prefer the sharpest possible interest rate, a number of lenders are offering either variable or fixed rates in the 2% range.

What is your fancy? Take them up while you can. Many of the cash back offers have a cut off for applications to be lodged by late December or early to mid January.

Contact me to find out more and to discuss your personal situation.

Bernadette Leahy

The Edge Mortgage Consultants

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