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It's true, buying a home solo is hard

Not everyone is in a relationship. It could be you are yet to find the right person, you could be coming out of a relationship or marriage or it could be a choice to be single. Each perfectly valid. Does it mean you have to give up your dream to own your own home?

The answer is no. A bank will consider you equally with regards to your 'attractiveness' to borrow? By that I mean how much you can borrow, your ability to make repayments and the way in which you manage yourself financially.

I have seen couples and families who are in better - and worse - situations than a single applicant. I have seen young singles doing all the right things to put themselves in the best position to buy a home. I have worked with those coming out of relationship ready to set themselves up and start a fresh in a new property. I have settled loans for single men and women who prioritised having a home above everything else and worked their butts off to achieve this goal.

And that is where the truth lies. When you buy in your own right as a single person, it is 'your' income alone which will service the loan. It is 'your' own ability to save a deposit which influences how high you can go in considering purchase prices. It is how 'you' manage yourself and your finances. No one else but you.

Having one income instead of two in making repayments and saving for a deposit means it is harder to do it by yourself, without a doubt. I know it is and I validate that. Straight up, I understand. And buying a home in your own right is not impossible, if it is something you are determined to achieve.

There are steps that can be taken each and every day for anyone looking to buy a property. It might be putting in place a road map to get you there but you need to understand what criteria you need to meet, to achieve your goal. And that is where I step in.

The most powerful asset any home buyer has, regardless of whether you are single or a couple, is knowledge. Arm yourself with this so that you can make the best possible decision for you. Surround yourself with people who are going to support you and give you the right information you need to chart your future, wherever that may take you.

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