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Seriously? $4k cash back to refinance?

Yes, you read correctly! While the world is on turmoil on many fronts, home loan interest rates continue to remain low and in fact, are still falling across both fixed and variable rates.

The truth is banks want your business. As I write this, two mainstream banks are offering $4k cash back to refinancers. Another two lenders are offering $2k to willing borrowers. Some banks are offering fixed rates with an offset, others are attracting customers with a 2.49% rate.

I won't deny that the process of applying for a loan requires more time and patience than in the past. Yet, if you are willing to work with your broker to meet any requirements, there are benefits abounds which can impact your bottom a very good way.

So if you've been dragging your heals to look at your home loan, these cash back offers, historically low rates and in some cases, frequent flyer points are sure to entice.

The first step you need to do is make contact. The rest will take care of itself.


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