When even Josh Frydenberg is telling you to "shop around for the best deal" on your home l

As the dust begins to settle after banks reacted to the Reserve Bank rate cut on Tuesday, it is very clear that a range of banks that are actively chasing your business.

While several major banks are being criticised for not passing the full 0.25% cut by the Reserve Bank, others have matched and in one instance even exceeded this rate cut offering a discount of 0.35% on certain types of loans.

When the treasurer Josh Frydenberg is openly calling on all Australians to get into action about their home loan, the message is very clear.

If you are willing to act, without a doubt, you will benefit.

Right now you can:

1) Reduce your rate as far as 3.49%

2) Receive upfront fee waivers on your application

3) Be paid $1000 to set up a new loan

4) Be paid up to $2000 per security to refinance (that is right, if you have multiple securities to refinance the bank will pay $2000 for each and every security

5) Set up investment loans on rates in the 3% range (yes, investment loans)

Take head. Now is the time to act. Many of the cash back offers are only for applications until the end of June. I urge you to speak to your broker (moi).

Yes, Josh, we hear you!

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