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8 Reasons Why You Need the Help of a Mortgage Broker

Why use a Mortgage Broker? If you've never used a Mortgage Broker before you may be stumped as to what it is I do and how I can ultimately make your life easier.

Well wonder no more!

Let me share with you 8 Reasons Why you need the help of a Mortgage Broker.

1) I will save you time

I will do the ground work for you, making it easier to find the right loan for you. I will manage your whole application from pre-approval right through to settlement.

2) I will share with you my expertise

I know what loans are out there, what banks are currently discounting rates and which bank we should approach for your home loan. Not all banks are the same. You can expect to receive current information from me on the most suitable home loan options available to you. I have 10 years of knowledge to share with you.

3) I will manage the loan process - from start to finish

I will help you source the most appropriate type of home loan, I will prepare and submit your loan, manage the paperwork and keep you updated during the whole mortgage process.

4) My people will speak to your people

At various stages of the home loan process, other people need to be involved. These can include a conveyancer or solicitor, accountants and valuers. And of course the bank. I work with these people behind the scenes on your behalf to keep your loan moving along to settlement, only involving you if need be.

5) It's about matching you to the right loan

There are many banks and many loan products. It's not about me recommending to you a single bank or home loan. I will match you to the right loan which will be chosen from a broad range of banks. And I'll tell you why one bank is better than the other for you.

6) You don't pay me

The bank does by way of a commission. Mortgage Brokers can either choose to charge a fee or be reimbursed by the bank for placing your loan with them. I have always believed when it comes to home loans, your money is better in your pocket. The service doesn't change. Stand with us as we fight to keep this the case

7) I won't push you into a product that isn't right for you

Regardless of the commission I receive, I will only ever recommend a product that I feel is the right fit for you. As I can choose any loan and any bank on our approved list, it means that will use my expertise to select appropriate options for you. And I will explain to you why one bank is better than another. I am legally required to ensure you are told everything up front. It's the way it should be.

8) I'm not going any where

Chances are if you deal directly with a bank, the person you speak to one day may be gone the next. Instead, I'm not going anywhere. I want to be there for you, not only from the start, but as your life changes. I know your situation. I know what is important to you. You can rely on me to be there.

Bernadette Leahy

The Edge Mortgage Consultants

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