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So You Need A Home Loan?

...Well, you are in the right place.

It's the indifference I find the hardest to understand.
My reason why

Sometimes it's the number of mistakes that have been made which brings you to me.  


It's the simple things that everyone wants:

  • Pick up the phone

  • Answer my call

  • Call me back

  • Keep me updated

  • Look after me

In times when indifference is everywhere, you need someone to take responsibility and be accountable when it comes to you. 

To look after you. It's what I stand for everyday.  

So how can I help you? 


  1. First home buyers let's get you set up right from the start

  2. If you are thinking of starting a family soon, let's crunch the numbers to see how you can get this to work. 

  3. If you've outgrown the space you are in let's work out what you can afford. 

  4. If you are looking at an investment property to make sure your family is going to be ok long-term, let's see how the numbers stack up.

  5. If you've been in your loan longer than 4 years, lets look at refinancing to get your monthly repayments down.

Time to pick up the phone, open that email, sign up via this site and contact me. 

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First Home Buyer - Flying Solo

"I've been thinking about it for ages. Yes, it's my first home.  I'm on a good income. Saved a bit of a deposit.  But how do I know if it is enough?

Ryan - Flying solo First Home Buyer

First Home Buyer Couple

"We desperately need our own place. We are on two incomes now - good ones - but what happens when we drop down to just one? We really need to do something now."

Dan & Rach - First Home Buyer Couple

Upsizers & Refinancers

"We 've outgrown this place. We need more space. We've been making do but we really want the girls to have their own rooms."

The Morrison family - Upsizers


"We've worked hard to get our loan down. Our home has gone up a lot in recent years as well.  I'd love to get an investment property, or two, in time"

Mark - Investor


Hi my name is Bernadette.

And I am the face of the Edge Mortgage Consultants. 


Whatever you situation, you need the right loan.  And you need the right advice.  

So much time can be wasted when your loan is handled incorrectly.  

I will use more than 10 years of experience to do everything I can to help you so you can make the best possible decision. 


Hover to find out
Bernadette Leahy
Authorised Mortgage Consultant
Bernadette Leahy, Mortgage Consultant Melbourne

There are things you must know and understand before you do anything else.



The Edge Mortgage Consultants

Mobile Mortgage Consultant - Melbourne

0438 010 477 Bernadette

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